Things To Consider When Searching For Student Housing

Posted on: 15 November 2021

How much space will you need? 

Do you require more living space than the average college student? It's important to know that housing meant for students is typically more compact than typical apartments. If for any reason you require additional space, make sure that you seek out a unit with enough square footage.

The importance of location

Is it important for you to be located in a certain area? You will probably want to be close enough to your classes, as well as places where students gather to socialize. Housing that is located a little further away from the center of everything will usually be more affordable, but it may not be worth the inconvenience of having to travel long distances every day.

Will you be living alone or sharing the space with a roommate?

It's not uncommon for students to live with a roommate to save on housing costs. However, having to share your living space (particularly with a stranger) can be the cause of a lot of stress and drama. You will have to decide if living on your own is worth the higher price tag, or if you're going to opt to have a roommate.

Kitchen options

More often than not, student housing units don't have full kitchens. Many students instead make use of electric countertop burners, microwaves, and toaster ovens. If having a full kitchen is important to you, you will need to make sure you find housing with that option.

Private or shared bathroom?

Sometimes, student housing units will not have their own private bathroom. Instead, there will be larger shared bathrooms located in common areas. While this isn't much of an issue for most folks, it can become a nuisance, so choose wisely.


Student housing can be found in a variety of different forms. It could be an apartment complex, a large shared rental home, or some other form of housing. There will likely be certain amenities included depending on where you end up.

If you're lucky, you could find a place with some great amenities, like a swimming pool, on-site laundry, a Fitness Center, and more. However, if you're hoping for certain amenities, you will need to request those options in your search.

Pay attention to the rules

Many places that offer student housing will have different rules than more traditional forms of housing. College students have a reputation for partying and being loud and destructive. While this certainly isn't true of most students, it does mean that you may have to deal with certain strict rules that are in place to prevent these kinds of problems.

For more information on student housing, contact a professional near you.